• Chris Hirst

53 - Coronavirus Update

Updated: Jan 21

Dear friends of The Olive Branch Foundation's and supporters of the school and orphanage in Kenya.

I do hope that this newsletter finds you well and free from the present crisis the world is facing in the form of the Coronavirus.

The death toll directly related to coronavirus in Kenya continue to rise and is now up to 174, a small number compared with the death toll in Britain associated with Coronavirus, which I believe has exceeded 45,000; however, the disparity in the numbers makes no difference to the level of hardship caused by governmental responses to the pandemic. The lockdown in Kenya, as I explained in my last newsletter, is very harsh indeed. The death toll from police brutality now stands at 21.

Economic strife is rampant in a country that has no social security or unemployment benefits.

It would be alarming for you if I were to give you all the painful details of the many consequences in their society - save to say I see a humanitarian disaster in the making.

The latest edict from the government regarding schools is that this educational year of 2020 has been wiped out and there will be no more education until January 2021 when students will return and start the educational year once more.

So what about the staff? At The Olive Branch Foundation we have taken the decision as a charity that we must maintain a level of support for all of them so that they do not fall into such deprivation that is detrimental to their physical and mental well-being. The level of support that we have given them has been assessed each month and we will continue to do so. Quite literally your support is now saving lives.

Maintenance and rebuilding are still ongoing processes and we are confident that by January we will have once more a first-class facility to educate some of the poorest in an impoverished society.

Recently a number of you have demonstrated your love towards these children in a generous financial way. These gifts were timely and to say they were received with delight and gratitude would be an understatement.

Those who are complete orphans are obviously still with us and being fed, clothed and cared for as usual.

If any of you have any questions concerning the work of the charity you can find my email address and my number on the charity website. Feel free to contact me.

Assuring you of our diligence in ensuring your funding is put to the absolute best use. Above all we solicit your prayer support for this work of God.

Yours faithfully,

Chris Hirst

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