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Newsletter 41 - The Political Situation in Kenya - July 2017

Updated: Jul 23, 2018

Dear friends and supporters of our school and orphanage in Kenya.

Events and circumstances that are beyond our control have a habit of overtaking us. Although we make every effort to plan and look ahead sometimes we get caught out. Don't worry; it's not all bad news. What I'm referring to at the moment is the political situation in Kenya. You may or may not know that the month of August brings a general election in Kenya. That in itself is a good thing as being from the UK we support and encourage democracy and political freedom; however a general election in Kenya often bears little resemblance to a general election here in the UK. In 2007 over a thousand people died and many thousands were made homeless owing to politically agitated rioting. During the election period of 2012 there was still loss of life but compared with 2007 it was relatively peaceful. To add to this mix at the moment there are widespread food shortages, raging inflation and a deep sense of frustration in the people who believe that this situation is politically motivated and orchestrated. On the ground there is no influence we can bring to bear on the situation.

We have strength and influence through the power of prayer. I would like to call upon every supporter and friend of the project in Kenya to pray diligently that peace will reign and that common sense will prevail throughout the whole of the election period. This is the consuming prayer of the vast majority of the Kenyan people who are a loving, kind and gentle people. Sadly, it is always the minority who cause all the unrest.

As we have seen from past experiences in this country inflation has the most devastating effect upon the poorest of society. Likewise, it is true in Kenya where the vast majority of the population fall into that low-income subsistence living bracket. As you can imagine, the cost of running the school and orphanage has risen dramatically over this last year and despite the increases we have made we are still not keeping pace effectively with rising prices on the ground. Don't get me wrong; this is not a begging letter. I do believe that you are all giving what you're comfortable with and able to sustain. What I do ask is that you stay with us and continue to help us doing the good that we do.

As I've often said, we can't do it without you and at The Olive Branch Foundation we applaud your generosity.

Please, please continue with us and reflect on the wonderful work that we've accomplished together these last ten years. Continue to give as generously as you are able and we still guarantee that every penny you give reaches those children in Kenya.

Thank you so very much.

Chris Hirst

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