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Newsletter 44 Christmas 2017

Updated: Jan 6, 2018

Happy Christmas to all our friends and supporters of the school and orphanage in Kenya. I wish you a very restful, peaceful Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

That sounds so traditional doesn't it? It is something that we write on many cards we send each year and somehow, we're never really sure that the person saying it really means it or cares. That's the trouble with habit and common usage; however, I do believe most sincerely that I am speaking to men and women who have a good understanding of the true meaning of Christmas, also a twelve-months-a-year understanding of what it is to feed the poor.

Your donations over this last year have kept many children from going to bed hungry. They have prevented many youngsters from a life of begging on the streets. They have caused many bright minds to develop with the gift of education. Above all they have convinced many young people that the world is not devoid of love and that somewhere, someone really does care for their welfare.

I believe also that our nation is generally charitably minded. Stand outside any supermarket and you'll see people regularly putting in a pound coin or two towards this good cause or that good cause. But to give sacrificially regularly month by month takes a different kind of person and that is the kind of person I'm talking to right now. Yes, it's you, and long may you be a supporter and friend of those lovely children you don't even know. I find it difficult to find the words to describe these youngsters that you support and sometimes I feel that words are inadequate. You only get the full understanding of what I've just said when you come face-to-face with them.

I know that for many of you it is virtually impossible to undertake such a journey. There are some out there though, that have such a calling on their life. So, I'm going to once more repeat myself and say that if you ever wish to go and see exactly what your funds have accomplished then we at The Olive Branch Foundation will take you. (You'll have to pay your own fare though!).

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together. Prayers have truly been answered and because of extra special people like you we are now able to send enough funds to finish the new boys’ dormitory. Hopefully it will be complete by the time the school term starts in mid-January. New beds, mattresses, uniforms and shoes have been provided. There will be a special Christmas meal and party for all our complete orphans along with other underprivileged children who stay at the school.

There will also be a small gift for each of our orphans. I promise you this will not ruin them; the gift will be educational in nature.

As always this couldn't happen without you. So, at The Olive Branch Foundation we continue to give thanks to God for softening your heart - long may He continue to do that.

One or more of the trustees will be visiting the project in the springtime. If you feel moved to go, get in touch - you'll find all our contact details below.

So, until our next newsletter, be blessed, be happy and never tire of doing good.

Yours faithfully,

Chris Hirst

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