• Chris Hirst

Newsletter 46 - A big thanks to you all

Dear friends and supporters of our school and orphanage in Kenya,

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement; it gives me peace of mind to know that there are many like minded souls out there whose sole aim is for good to be done and for the work to continue.

As I've said many times we cannot and would not be able to continue the work without your support. It's precious to us at The Olive Branch Foundation, but it's even more precious to those kids in Kenya.

Next month on the 23rd I set out to visit them once more. I look forward to it immensely. Despite it being such a long journey and at times hard, I'm never disappointed with what I find. I'm never disappointed at the welcome I receive from those children. I'm never disappointed when I see all the hard work of the teachers and staff paying dividends.

I look forward to seeing teachers teaching with enthusiasm and taking a great personal interest in the welfare of some very vulnerable young people, often arriving at the school early and leaving late. I also look forward to seeing the school fully electrified for the first time.

A few years ago, your donations provided them with 10 laptop computers, a massive leap forward in causing our students to be the youth of the 21st-century and become fully conversant with the modern digital age. Sadly, at the time we were relying upon solar energy to charge batteries and the use of the computers became limited, but now, through your generosity in providing real electric power I look forward to seeing our IT suite functioning as it should.

You provided the school with a dedicated science laboratory, you equipped it to a higher standard than most schools in our region and again with the advent of dependable power source their experiments will go to another level.

The dormitories you provided give the children a level of comfort unknown to them before they came to us.

The perimeter wall you built gives all inside a heightened sense of security, particularly in volatile times when law and order seem to be breaking down.

The church building you donated meets all their spiritual needs and puts their moral compass on a safe heading.

The food you provide keeps them alive.

But your love causes them to grow.

The children you sent to University are looking to a brighter future because of you.

The children you rescued from abuse will never forget you. They will always pray for you. As for me, I applaud you. I can do nothing else except hold you in high regard.

Thank you for standing with us and remaining faithful.

I will bring you a full update on my return in December. Until then hold those young people in prayer. May God bless you all for your generosity.

Yours most sincerely,

Chris Hirst

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