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Newsletter 48 - Our Vision for a Sustainable Future

Dear friends and supporters of our school and orphanage in Kenya,

Thank you so much for your continued support. It encourages us the way that you have stayed with us for so long.

We have now entered a period of time where we are trying to implement some very radical changes. Our aim for these next two years is to cause the school and orphanage to become totally self-sufficient.

Over the last 12 years we have been building not only buildings, but people. We have changed lives and empowered many.

The school is complete in a physical sense and we want it to stay that way for many, many years to come. There are many thousands of children waiting to come through the doors at the age of three and leave as mature graduates at the age of 16. What we have accomplished so far is nothing short of miraculous, but it is just the start of their journey.

We have a plan that will not happen overnight but can be accomplished in a number of years. The plan we have is for the school to start promoting itself in a positive manner over the internet and social media. They will present to the rest of Kenya a proven track record of academic achievement, sporting achievements and all other manner of proven excellence that the school has attained, thereby attracting to its doors students whose families are able to pay a reasonable and fair contribution to their children's education. It is hoped to attract as many of this kind of student that will make the school and orphanage financially sustainable. The children from underprivileged backgrounds and the orphans will always be with us, supported by the income generated by the better-off pupils.

Earlier this year I visited the school with the sole aim of presenting this plan to them. To my relief, they received it with enthusiasm and made promises of hard and diligent work to bring the plan to fruition. They have already implemented some of our proposals, which is encouraging; however, more advice and encouragement in this direction is still urgently needed. At a recent trustees’ meeting, good, positive suggestions were made by our new trustees. These were received well, and I will do my best to implement them on my next visit. Although the management of the school are enthusiastic, they still need much guidance and focus. These, we are determined to deliver to them.

Your financial and prayer support are still going to be very much needed over the next few years. We implore you to keep your support coming in in whatever form it takes. The vision for that school and orphanage is to see Kenyans supporting Kenyans, thereby giving dignity and a sense of achievement for their endeavours.

With God's grace we can all, by working together, make this vision a reality.

Yours faithfully,

Chris Hirst

Risper with some of the secondary school girls

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