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54 - The Lord Provides

Updated: Jan 21

Dear friends and supporters of The Olive Branch Foundation,

The situation at the school and orphanage in Kenya is difficult for teachers and pupils alike and many restrictions are in place as you can imagine. The numbers at the school are limited by government restrictions. They have decided that only pupils who would be taking a major exam at the end of this year should be in school. That is 61. The rest are still at home.

For the last nine months, Britain has had a constant diet of statistics about test results, death rates, graphs and charts. Everything that could have been said about Coronavirus has been said. I hear of and meet many people now not wishing to hear the news - it is the same as the same as the same. Thankfully, we look forward to the vaccine on the horizon.

In Kenya they have the same disease but not the same information. They don't have the medical infrastructure that the UK has; they don't have a government that has a zeal of giving out accurate information. The result is confusion, hearsay and rumour mixed with a large amount of fear - a dangerous combination when people are confined to their homes under a darkness hours curfew.

Having said that, the population grows weary of hearing such things and I am not going to dwell upon it any more than I have to. The major problem we face at The Olive Branch Foundation is cash flow, because we haven't been able to get out and hold events that bring in income, and because many of our supporters are feeling the pinch, sadly our income is somewhat depleted. We have been here before and we find that fervent prayer is a faithful remedy; however, answered prayers need a human response as well as divine prompting.

This type of newsletter never sits well with me - I hate asking for money. I much prefer congratulating people for their faithfulness and sacrifice. Those who have remained with us over these many years, I applaud and congratulate. Even those who have felt it necessary to withdraw maybe for a season, I still thank most wholeheartedly for the years you have put in. The fruit of your donations is evident in the numbers of children who, having passed through our establishment, have now gone on to higher education, some even to university and many to a position in society that would otherwise have been denied them.

I know times are tough, but I implore you to stay with us as long as you're able. Only you know your personal circumstances and I thank you for the miles we have walked together. Much good has been done and long may it remain so.

Yours faithfully from The Olive Branch foundation,

Chris Hirst

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